Guerilla Radio


It should be an excellent day to sow the seed of discontent, to rise up from the ashes of the regime and break the oppressive hand of our collective pasts. A new day is here, the day we all fought so dearly for is finally upon us. The dead march with us my brothers and sisters. Their voices screaming for not revenge, but justice.

Speaking of justice. We would not be justified in our cause without telling you that the good people over at Audible have put together quite a deal. They have over 85,000 titles to choose from, some of which managed to escape the mass book burnings.  Audible supporter of the resistance. Sorry I forgot that the Government shut down the traditional internet, well the good people over at Squarespace are here. Look I am just a mouthpiece of the revolution, but the good people at Squarespace had my website up and running with 24/7 technical support.

Do you know who could’ve used technical support this weekend? The pigs who sit in their chairs and look down upon the masses with disgust.


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