An Introduction of Sorts




I hate writing this.

I hate every single thing about writing this.

I don’t do well with introductions. I’m the guy in the corner at the party with nothing to say. That’s okay though. You need quiet people in the world too, it balances life out.

Still if you’re willing to go down the rabbit hole, I suppose you should know a little about the White Rabbit leading you along the way.

I believe there’s a story to be told about everything.

Simple enough.

If you sat down a group of one hundred people and showed them a picture, just think about the cool stories you could come up with. People are surprisingly creative when given a little push along the way.

That’s where this whole idea came about.

Take a picture, write a story.

It’s simple. Easy. Anyone can do this. That’s the point, be creative.

If I have something coming out I’ll plug it, but don’t worry I’m not a very good salesmen. I won’t hound you to buy my books or constantly ram a project down your throat. I’m using the honey approach to marketing rather than the flamethrower your house to the ground method. Besides you’ll need your house, to creative massive forts of my books in. You will become the king of words, long may you reign.

I’m kidding.

If you like this, share it. Tell your friends, trick your enemies. Hit the like button, leave comments. I like hearing from people. Most of all I need you to help me get this out there, because I have no idea what I’m doing half of the time.

Take it easy and create something cool.




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